Novel Name : Hidden Marriage: A Heaven-sent Billionaire Husband

Chapter 2291 - Chapter 2291: Twins

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Chapter 2291 - Chapter 2291: Twins

Chapter 2291: Twins

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Only then did the vice principal say, “We’ve already checked all the dorm rooms. There’s nothing wrong.”

Qiao Weiyang stood up and said, “Then search the students’ school bags.”

The vice principal said to Qiao Dongliang, “Qiao Dongliang, open your bag yourself.”

Qiao Dongliang walked over, opened his bag, and took out a pencil case, a bottle of water, glue, and various test papers and reference books. They were placed in front of everyone. The test papers were obviously the kind given by the school. There were obvious signs.

He was about to say that was all when his fingers suddenly touched something unfamiliar and hard. His expression changed abruptly. This clearly did not belong to him. Why was it here?

His movements suddenly stopped, and everyone’s eyes fell on him.

His heart suddenly clenched. Did someone intend to frame him? Did they put the things in his bag long ago and wait for this moment?

His mind exploded, and he felt extremely dizzy.

Qiao Jierou said loudly, “Dongliang, don’t be afraid. No one can frame you for something you didn’t do. Take it out and show everyone!”

He clenched his fists and felt the gazes around him burning his cheeks.

He made up his mind and closed his eyes. He grabbed the item and threw it on the table. No matter what, this was the only time he would suffer!

The item fell on the table. Mr. Luo’s expression changed drastically. He went forward and picked it up. It was an unopened box. There was a signature on it, and the box read ‘A Compilation of Best Films by Cheng Chaopin.’

“Dongliang, can you open this?”

“You can do it.” Qiao Dongliang could not hear anything else at this moment. He could only answer instinctively with his eyes still closed.

Mr. Luo opened the box. Inside was a brand new set of discs. They were sealed neatly. It was confirmed that they were all DVDs. He had collected this set himself and was very familiar with it.

The others also saw it. When the box was opened, there was nothing but DVDs and posters. The box was turned upside down, but they did not see anything else.

Qiao Jierou’s expression suddenly changed. What was going on? Could it be that Wang Sheng did not put the test papers in?

Or did he not find a chance to put them in?

But wasn’t the assembly this morning before the student-teacher conference the best opportunity?

“Dongliang, there’s nothing wrong with collecting the works of a great director. As long as you study hard and relax when the time is right, I won’t object to it,” Mr. Luo said in a relaxed mood.

Only then did Qiao Dongliang open his eyes and look down at the opened box. He could tell at a glance what it was.

He took it in shock, then subconsciously looked at Qiao Weiyang. He had many doubts in his heart at first, but he now understood everything. Qiao Weiyang nodded slightly, then shook her head gently.

“Then can I keep my things?” he asked.

The vice principal gestured for him to pack up.

“Vice Principal, now that it’s proven that my brother didn’t do such a thing, are you going to apologize to him?” Qiao Weiyang asked.

The vice principal:

Qiao Weiyang was not aggressive. “Let’s check the things of the others in Qiao

Dongliang’s class first. Anyway, everyone will be treated equally.”

This time, they had to check everyone’s bags. The vice principal and Mr. Luo did not get the students to come into the office. Instead, they went straight to the classroom.

Seeing them return, Wang Sheng’s pupils constricted.

When Qiao Dongliang was taken away just now, the others did not take it seriously. After all, as a star student, they were already used to him being taken to the office.

Only Wang Sheng’s mood was different from everyone else’s. He was nervous and expectant. He looked very anxious, like a cat on a hot tin roof.

Now that he saw that Qiao Dongliang had returned with a relaxed expression, he looked at the group in surprise but did not hear what Mr. Luo was saying.

When he came back to his senses, he heard the people around him complaining.

“What? You’re going to check everyone’s bags? What are you going to be checking?”

“What the hell?”

“Do we have to take out all the things in our school bags and desk drawers?”

Mr. Luo smiled and said, “The school is conducting a very serious investigation. We’re searching for something now. It’s not that we suspect you. We’ve already called the police and have to cooperate with them. Everyone, please cooperate with the investigation. We’re afraid that if the item is misplaced, it’ll cause trouble for everyone. Therefore, I hope everyone can understand and cooperate.”

Hearing this, everyone had no choice but to take out their things.

Mr. Luo was very relaxed now. If the most suspicious person, Qiao Dongliang, managed to clear his name, then there definitely wouldn’t be a problem with the others. It seemed that the vice principal was indeed making a mountain out of a molehill. He was too cautious, which had made everyone nervous.

The dozen or so people led by the vice-principal began to check.

When they reached Wang Sheng’s seat, he was obviously in a low mood. He reached out to take out his bag and poured everything out.

Out of the things on the desk, one of them was a little abnormal. The person responsible for checking the items immediately picked up the document and flipped through it. He said, “Vice Principal, it’s here!”

The test paper from Jing University with the words ‘top secret’ printed on it was too obvious. Even if it was packaged separately, its unique point could not be hidden.

Wang Sheng suddenly stood up, and his expression changed drastically. “It wasn’t me. That doesn’t belong to me! I don’t have that kind of test paper!”

The vice principal’s expression was solemn to begin with. When he heard Wang Sheng’s words, it became even more solemn. Just now, no one said what they were looking for. Except for Qiao Dongliang and his two sisters, no one else knew.

Moreover, when the three of them returned, it was obvious that they had not communicated with anyone. However, Wang Sheng knew that everyone was looking for test papers!

“Wang Sheng, please come out with us immediately!”

Hearing this, everyone looked at Wang Sheng. They were a little puzzled and surprised. Could it be that the thing the school was searching for was in his bag?

What was going on?

Wang Sheng cowered and did not dare to go forward. He said mechanically, “It wasn’t me. I didn’t do it!”

He had done something bad today, so he was under a lot of psychological pressure. His mental state was very unstable. If Qiao Dongliang had gotten caught, he would’ve been fine in two to three days.

But now, when he was at his most nervous, he found out that the test paper was in his bag. He broke down at this moment.

Qiao Jierou couldn’t help but look in his direction. When she saw that the test paper was with him, she couldn’t help but frown. Although she didn’t know what was going on, she thought about how he was usually so arrogant. At the critical moment, he couldn’t even handle such a small matter.. She had really misjudged him!

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