Novel Name : The Miracle Doctor’s Two-Faced Toddler

Chapter 1138 - 1138: Xiaobao Fighting for Favor, Tricky Yan Xiaosi! (1)

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Chapter 1138 - 1138: Xiaobao Fighting for Favor, Tricky Yan Xiaosi! (1)

Chapter 1138: Xiaobao Fighting for Favor, Tricky Yan Xiaosi! (1)

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No, no! He didn’t want to be the Little Nanny Dabao!

Dabao turned around and fled!

“Waah—” Yan Xiaosi stretched out her little hand to Dabao.

The maidservant smiled. “Little Miss seems to like Little Master Dabao very much. Little Master Dabao, go coax Little Miss.”

Dabao rejected it in his heart. The maidservant held Dabao’s little hand and came to the wet nurse’s side. The wet nurse smiled. “Little Master Dabao, here.”

Of course, she would not be at ease thinking that a three-year-old child could carry his sister. Although she placed Yan Xiaosi in Dabao’s arms, she still held her with both hands. In the end, she saw Yan Xiaosi, who refused to drink milk no matter what, turned around and crawled into Dabao’s arms, biting Dabao’s chest.

The wet nurse : ‘

The maidservant : “…’

Dabao : ‘

Er’bao and Xiaobao: ‘

In the end, Dabao naturally had an expression that he did not know what was going on. He returned his sister to the wet nurse and fled. Yan Xiaosi looked aggrieved. Although she didn’t cry or make a fuss, her sniffs made the hearts of the people tighten.

The wet nurse fed her a few more times, but Yan Xiaosi did not eat. There was nothing the wet nurse could do.

Yan Xiaosi did not cry like ordinary babies, so the wet nurse was not sure if she was really hungry. Perhaps she did not especially want to eat? If she really wanted to eat, how could she hold back her tears?

The wet nurse felt that such young children did not have to eat regularly like adults. She would eat when she was hungry. As for how long a meal could last, it was not fixed. Perhaps she had eaten too much at Young Madam’s place just now?

As the wet nurse thought this, she put Yan Xiaosi back into the cradle and decided to feed her after a while, or if she cried, she would feed her.

“Sister, sister.” Xiaobao stood on his tiptoes and teased his sister with his new wooden dagger.

Er’bao also teased her with his newly carved wooden sword.

Which girl would like a dagger and a sword? Yan Xiaosi was listless and ignored them.

“Sister doesn’t like your dagger,” Er’bao said.

“Sister doesn’t like your sword! ” Xiaobao said angrily.

“It’s clearly your dagger!”

“It’s your sword!”

The two little black eggs started arguing. The maidservant came over to mediate and brought the two little masters out. Only the wet nurse was left in the room. The wet nurse was folding clothes behind the green gauze cabinet, but as she did so, she did not forget to keep her eyes on the cradle.

Suddenly, Dabao tiptoed in. When the wet nurse saw that it was Dabao, she did not say anything. She smiled and continued to fold her clothes.

Dabao walked around to the cradle and looked at his sister with his back facing the wet nurse. When Yan Xiaosi saw him, her little mouth pouted aggrievedly. Which brother in the world could watch his sister suffer? Especially with such a beautiful sister!

Dabao turned around to look at the wet nurse. Seeing that she was folding clothes and did not look over, he secretly picked up the small milk bottle hidden in front of him and reached out to feed his sister

Hurry up and eat! Dabao said in his heart.

Yan Xiaosi looked at him aggrievedly.

I won’t compromise! I’m not the Little Nanny Dabao!

Yan Xiaosi continued to look at him pitifully.

I, I, I… I’m really not!

Yan Xiaosi whimpered weakly.

Dabao gritted his teeth and secretly clenched his fists.

…This is the last time! Don’t be too arrogant!

Dabao climbed into the cradle. This cradle could be fixed. When Yan Xiaosi cried, they would push off the mechanism and shake it. However, Yan Xiaosi did not seem to like shaking, so it had always been in a fixed state.

Dabao found a comfortable position in the cradle, crossed his legs, and carried his sister onto his lap. He carried his sister in one hand and stuffed the little milk bottle into his arms with the other, still revealing a small pacifier.

Yan Xiaosi snuggled into his arms and started eating happily!

On the other hand, after Xiaobao and Er’bao were coaxed out by the maidservant, Er’bao ignored him in a fit of pique and went to look for Dabao. He secretly turned back to look for his sister, but he did not expect to see an incredible scene.

Wow! His sister actually asked Dabao to carry her! His sister was eating so well! He wanted to feed his sister too!

Xiaobao did not have the burden of an idol, so he did not feel ashamed. After Dabao put his sister back into the cradle, he tiptoed in and also climbed into the cradle. He imitated Dabao and carried his sister onto his lap. He stuffed his little milk bottle into his arms and revealed a small pacifier to feed his sister.

Unexpectedly, Yan Xiaosi did not eat at all.

“Eh? Why aren’t you eating?” Xiaobao asked.

Yan Xiaosi looked at him coldly..

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