Novel Name : My Rich Wife

Chapter 2421  Consolidating Wealth

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Chapter 2421  Consolidating Wealth

Five Emperor Coins.

The Five Emperors referred to the emperors of the East, South, West, North, and Central directions.

The Five Emperors of the Holy Region originally referred to the Heavenly Emperor of the East, South, West, North, and Central directions. They were the Eastern Green Emperor Ling Weiyang, the Southern Red Emperor Chi Biaonu, the Central Yellow Emperor Han Shuniu, the Western White Emperor Bai Zhaoju, and the Northern Black Emperor Zhi Xianji. They were the five deities of the five directions and were divided into five colors and five elements: metal, wood, water, fire, and earth, corresponding to white, green, black, red, and yellow.

On Earth, there were also legends of the Five Emperors, which represented the five supreme emperors.

These Five Emperor Coins also had many derivative magical artifacts of Little Five Emperors. The one that Hua Tian had obtained previously was one of them.

The Five Great Emperors stood in the void in five different directions.

The internal qi they emanated was full of righteous and noble energy, resembling that of deities.

After absorbing the internal qi they exhaled, the bodies of the people who were cultivating seemed to have been cleansed.

Almost everyone's divine sense became clear, and their cultivation speed increased again.

"The Five Emperor Coins are one of the most ancient celestial artifacts. The righteous and noble energy of the Five Great Emperors can cut off karma. That's why the Ji family dares to use the power of the sorcerer tribe without any restraint. The Way of the Sorcerer Tribe is the Way of Karma. They achieved their goals with significant sacrifices. It's especially true for the power of curses. The stronger the opponent, the more intense the backlash they face. The celestial artifact, the Five Emperor Coins, cuts off this karma. There are rumors that the Ji family's immortal scripture is also a cultivation method created based on the Five Emperor Coins."

Ji Yue did not cultivate. She explained to Qin Yu by the side.

"Moreover, the righteous and noble energy of the Five Emperor Coins is also very effective in aiding cultivation."

After refining the Five Emperor Coins, its power roamed within Qin Yu's sea of consciousness.

The dark divine sense he had absorbed using Evil Eye slowly faded after being cleansed by the righteous and noble energy.

Five Elements and Eight Trigrams!

In an instant, Qn Yu's mind seemed to have transformed into thousands.

He narrowed his eyes slightly, and his soul arrived above the sea of space.

Under the gaze of the desolate divine eye, numerous obscure Ways of Space were imprinted into Qin Yu's soul. Then, the Five Elements and Eight Trigrams spun rapidly. Massive information was deduced tens of thousands of times in his sea of consciousness every second.

The Way of Space his hands manifested was getting more energetic. With the help of the Five Emperor Coins, his understanding of spatial rules increased at an exaggerated speed.

"What a terrifying deduction power! As expected of the Five Emperor Coins."

Elder Guai was somewhat shocked.

Profound Way of Space emanated from Qin Yu's hand. It began to wriggle like water and then resonate with the space of the Sumeru Realm.

The entire Sumeru ring turned into a fluctuating ocean world, looking very mysterious.

All of a sudden, the sound of a bubble bursting rang out.

The Way of Space that Qin Yu manifested was connected to the Sumeru Realm, and a door of light slowly appeared in the Sumeru Realm.

The door of light seemed to have threads stitching, and countless needles and threads were shuttling around the edge of the door.

The Sumeru Realm slowly extended and self-created space at a speed visible to the naked eye!

Storage rings, storage bags, spatial rings, and so on were things that only the spatial mighty realm cultivator could create.

Previously, after Qin Yu roamed in the sea of the Path of Heaven, he had almost exhausted all his divine sense power before it could barely grow a little.

At this moment, his understanding of the Way of Space was much deeper, and the consumption of his soul power was greatly reduced.

Half a day passed. Qin Yu had exhausted most of his soul power in this mysterious realm of self-creating space. He withdrew his soul from the sky above the sea.

This time, the Sumeru World had grown by about 100 cubic meters. Previously, the entire Smeru ring's area was 50,000 cubic meters. Increasing this space in such a short time was indeed a very terrifying speed.

Soon, the power of the Sumeru World would increase visibly If he continued to find time to expand the Sumeru ring. This was an extremely exaggerated increase in power.

The Ni family's celestial artifact, the Ni Temple of Heaven, was worth 200,000 cubic meters. If he continued to evolve it, the Sumeru ring might even become a celestial artifact.

Elder Guai was tremendously shocked. He had owned the Smeru ring for the longest time, so he naturally knew how terrifying this change was. He said to Qin Yu.

"Qin Yu, if you refine the Five Emperor Coins more deeply, your deduction speed will be even faster. You will refine this Sumeru ring into a celestial artifact sooner or later."

"It's still too early to say so."

Qin Yu smiled bitterly. What he lacked the most right now was time. He could not possibly spend a vast amount of time on refining the Sumeru World.

At the other end, the ground was full of the things he had obtained from the Ji family.

Ji Yue had already sorted out everything while Qin Yu was cultivating.

There were 1,300 bottles of Heavenly Deity Pills, 1,000 bottles of Sacred Spirit Pills, 20,000 or so ten-thousand-year-old spirit herbs, 500 or so Earth Rank fifty-thousand-year-old spirit herbs, over 90 Heaven Rank one-hundred-thousand-year-old spirit herbs, and 48 Tribulation Transcending Stage magical artifacts.

There were also countless miscellaneous pills and a storage ring filled with spiritual water in the divine sense.

Qin Yu crushed the storage ring, and an enormous river of spiritual energy suddenly rushed out.

With a thought, the Sumeru Realm suddenly trembled violently, and the ground pulled apart toward both ends.

A bottomless ravine appeared in the Sumeru ring, winding and countless tributaries branching out like a real Yangtze River.

In an instant, the long river condensed from spiritual energy rushed into it. A vast amount of spiritual energy emanated from the vibration, and spiritual energy seemed to have filled the Sumeru ring.

The Green Spirit Tree's roots pierced into the enormous river and deeply into all the surrounding soil.

That spiritual energy flowed continuously into its roots, then slowly entered the trunk of the Green Spirit Tree.

Soon, countless clear dewdrops appeared on the leaves. These were condensed dewdrops after the spiritual energy was compressed.

The amber and gemstone-like dewdrops landed precisely on the cultivator's body.


The dewdrops dripped on everyone's heads, and the fine mist emitted exploded into a ball of spiritual energy. That was the phenomenon of spiritual energy condensing to the extreme.

In an instant, the speed of everyone's cultivation increased more than doubled.

"As expected of the Ji family! The things they have collected over the years are simply indescribable. With this kind of resource, even pigs can be nurtured in batches. I did expect it to benefit me."

Qin Yu sighed and said.

Even though he had seen for himself the treasures of the Jee family, he was still tremendously shocked to see these things of the Ji family.

Time passed by very fast during their cultivation. Soon, half a day had passed, and they had already arrived above Thunder Courtyard.

Qin Yu headed straight for Demon-slaying Peak. The mark on his body lit up, and the people in that realm immediately knew his identity.

Flower Granny Hua and Dean Lei were already waiting at the Demon-slaying Peak.

"Flower Granny, Dean Lei, how are the brothers and sisters of Demon-slaying Peak?"

Qin Yu saw the long-awaited Deal Lei and asked hurriedly.

"They're fine. After you killed Ji Tianming and the others, the source of their curse power was broken."

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